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Bristow9091 said:
People tend to be surprised with how sociable and talkative I am, and sometimes it can be to the point where it annoys me, since I can be talking to someone, and they'll be like "Wow, wasn't expecting you to say much, what with the speech impediment and all" which can really annoy me, like cheers Dave, and while we're at it, I wasn't expecting you to be driving a car today since you're a white guy with black hair, it's a completely unrelated, yet funny world, right? -.-"

But basically yeah, I can talk to most people, not shy when it comes to talking to strangers unless they look like they might stab me if I say the wrong thing, and around here that's more of a possibility than you'd think, lol. I don't talk to people "for the hell of it" though, for the most part I'll just be quiet to myself, but if the situation pops up where I need to talk to someone, or someone talks to me first, I'm more than happy to have a chirp with them.

I am actually not really shy at all. It just seems I can barely talk to other men. Maybe because I do not watch sports or I do not even know. It also seems like this area Men just do not care to talk to anyone. They are on their Cell phones all the time. Get me a female though and I can talk to her forever. They talk too much.

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