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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
mZuzek said:

My opinion is more valuable to me, as yours is to you. Also I'd hardly consider "kids film" and "dad rock" bad things.

Edit: and QotSA is "dad rock"?!

Okay. Then don't say my opinion is as valuable as a carrot. Say "everyone's opinion except mine is as valuable as a carrot". And also don't make posts like "The amount of Linkin Park in this thread is giving me nausea" while saying that you don't care about other peoples opinions, that is just kind of redundant and nonsensical. 

I can't tell if you edited it from "Queens" to "QOTSA" or if I genuinely read it wrong. Either way, QOTSA is an awesome pick.

Is there even a band called Queens? Either way nah, it was QotSA there all along.

Not replying to the rest of the post because at this point you're just beginning to take random light comments too seriously (classic you, isn't it?). If anything, everyone's opinion, including mine, is worth a carrot. Except professional reviewers of course, they get paid, so theirs is probably as valuable as an expensive Indian dish. I don't like Indian food!