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Chazore said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I could check back, but I probably won't. Finally got around to deleting the hundreds of games on my wish list that I've never looked at again since I added them the other day so I don't want to start adding a load again

eh, if one of those Steam popups when you load it up shows the game when it releases I'll take a look, but unless that happens...

Well that's the only time you'll ever see it then, when the game lists it on the front page upon release


I mean, it's your call if you want to limit how much information you can obtain or view, but I'm not going to fault the devs when they have their Twitter, Facebook, youtube and Steam accounts to toss their information on.

I just don't look at much information for games even if they're ones I'm really looking forward to. The only time I would is if it's just straight up presented to me (like one of those Steam pop ups that I mentioned) or it's a game I'm on the fence about buying. A game without a release date certainly doesn't fall in to the latter category though, so they've either got to win me over with the announcement (something this game has failed pretty bad at, there's like no information at all and I don't even know the developer so it's not like I'd be interested based on their previous games either), or hope I see their game again at some point and if they're only using twitter, facebook and youtube there's pretty much no chance of that happening.