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DivinePaladin said:
twintail said:
First light is superior to second son in every way tbh

Need more of Fetch haha

Glad to see this opinion has been growing in popularity over time. Playing Second Son after the first two inFamous games really makes you realize how much got lost in the PS3-PS4 transition. At the very least, First Light brings some of the inFamous back to the series! Plus it was kind of a breath of fresh air to skip out on Karma entirely for FL - I wouldn't completely mind if an inFamous 4 did the same, if they can't grey in the black and white a little bit. 


At the same time, I don't really expect to see another inFamous game. 

I think Fetch also just has a really cool power loadout. Everything is just straight up fun and more fleshed out than any of Delsins powers I feel.

Its too bad we probably wont but I wouldnt mind at least one final game.

Cole vs Delsin (then they dont need to do karma, Cole is hero path and Delsin is villain path)