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Since the launch of the new game database, the single most common complaint I heard was the lack of sales data on the game pages themselves. And while I'm still in the process of putting out other fires (and attempting to get Machina back online with the weekly sales charts, in general) - I would really like to get a handle on exactly what it is that's missing and what I can add that will satisfy this request.

Obviously, we all would like to see everything available - I get that. But I also know there is a paid "Pro" version of VGChartz, and exposing all of the data via the game pages would have the effect of making that website completely obsolete. So, I need to find a middle ground here.

I went back and looked at the previous game pages, and as best I can tell it looks like those pages had a limited view of the data, as well. Other than the "lifetime" totals for a given game, it seems they only displayed the first 10 weeks of sales data, as well as a yearly summary - so, working off of that comparison, the only thing that would currently be missing from the new game pages (based on what was being displayed prior to the update) are the annual totals. Is that correct???

I'm certainly willing and able to expose whatever it is we're all looking to see - but it has to be within reason, of course. So the purpose of this thread is to gather up intel on two things:

1 - What is it exactly, that is missing from the current game pages, that used to be available in the previous ones? Is it merely the annual summaries? Or, is there something else I'm not seeing?

2 - What else (sales related) do we want on these pages? Again - this item in particular, will be subject to Machina and ioi approval as I will not do anything that might degrade the purpose and viability of the "Pro" website. I do want to hear from the community though and see if there are any compromises we can make and allow for as much visibility within reason.