Normchacho said:
Sprint Vector looks really good too, but I'm not a big multiplayer guy. How's the single player content l?

There are 12 tracks all with secrets, 2 difficulty levels and shortcuts the top Mario cart by far since you can take movement in so many ways like jump, fly, use obstacles to your advantage the lap times could vary so much each track could potentially become as complex asis a game to speed run. There are time trials, leaderbords, unlockable skins, 9 characters if I remember correctly 3 power ups, 2 mines and 3 offensives weapons. The Multiplayer is good though and you are grouped in a starting area with optional voice chat with other contestants which cuts out during races. It also seems from a glance to be a good platinum with a few tough looking ones in there for the competitive single player trophyies and time trials, no MP only ones. 

Its on par with your average mariocart in content only cut a tad shorter because of the lack of local MP, obiously. So if your mates have a PSVR this, I assume would be a blast on discord or skype. 

Still, I'd recommend the MP as PSVR muliplayer games have the least toxic and most vocally active communities in gaming. 

Oh and the tutorials here are the best I've seen in any game pretty much ever. My first hour was a slow grind getting to the end of races and after I spent 20 minutes in tutorials and a few extra in the powerup practice area I came away feeling like a pro. 


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