PwerlvlAmy said:
John2290 said:

You lucky Americans and your 5 releases in one day. I'm so jealous. We got nothing but sprint vector since Cold Iron/Pinhead arcade released and it looks like we will only be getting apex construct and moss these next two weeks, that is confrmed anyway. Hopefully they will stealth release some of the titles like Knockout league. May I ask your thoughts on it? Is it just a reskinned wii boxing or is there anymore depth to it? I get it's going for the arcadey feel. Worth a buy?

Its basically a really well made version of Punch Out but for VR.  If you liked Punch Out out and always wanted a high quality version in VR, then you'll like this. Controls are very responsive and the game is a legit work out

Hopefully us lowly EU peasants will get a release for it soon., Finger crossed.


China Numba wan!!