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Not interested. I already have the SNES version of Secret of Mana, so I don't feel there's any real incentive to pick this remake up.

As to why, there's something timeless about those old 16-bit sprites, and I've tended to have an aversion towards 3D remakes of old 2D games, even if they do retain the same gameplay. There's just something about that old colorful pixel art that gives those old games a lasting charm, and it feels like something is lost when they're replaced with 3D graphics. Same with ongoing series that have retained sprite-based graphics until relatively recently, only for the newest game in the series to move towards 3D graphics.

Now, remakes of older 3D games are something I can get behind, seeing as how 3D polygon-based graphics tend to age very poorly. That's why I feel the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus is a good example of a remake/remaster worthy of my time.


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