superchunk said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Subcription streaming services for gaming are such a terrible idea.


1. All of us already pay a fee to use a console. (well Nintendo's fee will be soon)

2. How many people use Gamestop's (or other retailers) resell offers as they buy and finish games quickly?


The way I see it, IF

1. Fee is a nominal amount.

2. You get full access to all past and new games at same time. Games = all the normal console AAA and other games, not just the current mobile-esque titles. i.e. there has to be near parity with current consoles as far as selection goes.

3. Video and gameplay quality is stable.

THEN, I don't see why it wouldn't appeal to a large group of gamers.

It may or may not appeal to a large group of gamers. But to me it's absolutely abhorrent. I like to own my games and know that I don't have to pay even an extra penny (except for electric costs obviously) to play it whenever I want. Besides that, whatever the fee is I expect it to work out at a higher cost than I pay now, because I don't buy games every month and rarely buy them at full price either. So why would I want to pay more for games that won't work anymore the moment I stop handing over money?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.