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JRPGfan said:
BraLoD said:
You proved your worthy, thou shall remake LoD now

High Praise... you trust them enough to let them remake a LoD? :)

Honestly I think Id trust them with more or less anygame.
They dont try to improve on stuff, and vastly change things, they re loyal to the originals.

Such a simple thing, yet apparently others cant seem to grasp this (esp in the movie bussiness, when they turn books into movies).


BraLoD said:

Would be a massive project, but they could show Square Enix how its done.

That makes me want it to be LoD.

The respect they showed to SotC and the qualities of their works, not only this one, is great, so yes, I would give them the chance.

They even already hide secrets they were radio silent about on SotC that looks like LoD stardusts, sadly apparently there are 79 of them on SotC, because if there were 50 I would be flipping my tables as they would be hinting me they are working on LoD, lol, they teased me xD