mZuzek said:

This is cool and all, but I wanna make a little complaint here. I was just checking Twilight Princess sales data earlier today, and I wanted to see how it sold over the years... but that feature is still missing. I assume you guys are already working on this, but I just wanna say that should be your top priority over anything else, because it's just really annoying when we can't check stuff we could a couple of months ago.

Not to be disrespectful, I know it sounded like that. I really like this whole review stuff and I'm gonna write loads of them... eventually. (...) I promise! Hopefully.

Edit: and well, since I'm doing all this complaining and stuff, I could complain about the reviews as well, because why not? I'd really like it if you could make reviews without scores, and if you could add images to your review (not sure if this is already possible to be honest).

Well, since we want to get "real" and all - I figure I should probably point out, we're all really just volunteers around here. Put another way, if I were a paid employee and my boss said, "You need to do this..." - well obviously, it would be the VERY first thing I did!!!


...I'm not a paid employee. And so, since there isn't a financial incentive to get me to do certain things, then a different incentive is needed to motivate - and in this case, what motivates me is building cool new features which I think will bring life to the game database and those which I think the community will enjoy using.

None of this being said disrespectfully, mind you - your post was respectful as is mine, and I'm just telling you straight up how it is around here. There are TONS of things around here that need to be fixed and/or improved, many of which are probably FAR more important than the user reviews...   ...but they bore me and they tend not to get the creative juices flowing - and therefore, they don't get my highest priority or attention. 


Yes - I'll get around to fixing and adding more sales tools for you. But tonight, I had no interest in visiting that part of the code - tonight, I was interested in enhancing a feature which I really enjoy seeing used.


Feel free to add a review without a score - I don't believe it will stop you. But it will conflict with the point of having a 'community average score' (which is sort of the purpose in the first place), and technically speaking, if you happen to get enough 'up votes' it will probably treat your lack of score as a 'zero' and totally screw with the community average... :( I said in my opening - you are free to insert screenshots in your review. It's the same exact rich-text editing box that we use in the forums. So whatever you can do here, you can do there. :)


RolStoppable said:
Alright, I submitted my first review. Please give me thumbs ups.

For you? Done!! :)