I've added a place on the front page, for displaying User Reviews in an effort to hopefully encourage the community to write more!! User Reviews are one of my favorite features of our database (so long as they are GOOD reviews, of course!!) because they give a "community perspective" to the games that are listed - sure, having hard, accurate data is required of any good database, but it's original material drawn up by our community that makes the database unique and gives life to each entry.

For those that were unaware - all users have the ability to write up a user review for a game. On the game page, you'll note the Review Scores box with links for Critics and Community - "Critics" is reserved for submitting scores from outside websites (IGN, Gamespot, etc.), while "Community" is where you the user, can submit a review for a game!

Just click the "Community" link (if it's not already selected), and then the link that will read either "Be the first to review" or "Add a review" - you can then begin writing out your game review. There are fields for a "heading" which is what appears on the front page, a "summary" which is a short preview of your article and which will appear on the review listing page, and a rich-text box which is used for the body of your report (much like a forum post, you can use the rich-text editor to insert screenshots, or anything else you think will enhance your review).

Once you're done writing up your article, you will notice four different slider functions for scoring: Presentation, Gameplay, Value, and Overall - these are all rated on a scale of 0-10 (tenth decimal place is allowed). You don't have to use the graphical sliders for your scores - you can simply type them in, as well.

And that's all there is to it!!!!

Once posted, the community will then have the opportunity to "rate" your review (a simple Thumbs Up/Down option is available to all logged in users, at the end of the review) - all reviews that have a "positive" overall review rating average, will have their Overall Score averaged into the "Community Review Score".

Lastly - the front page review listing has a filter (much like the forum listing does), such that if you hover over the "Latest User Reviews" you'll be able to sort and view "Top Rated User Reviews" (this is sorted by average community rating with a minimum of five votes).

As you may or may not already know, there are badges revolving around User Reviews and even more badges still to come! The goal here is to encourage as many of you as possible, to get to writing those reviews - I am open to hearing any other ideas you all might have, in regards to finding ways to motivate our community to write as many of these reviews as possible. In the meantime, please take some time and start reading some of the reviews that are already out there - you will very likely find some excellent articles!! While you're there, don't forget to rate those users and show the authors some love for all their hard work!!!