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Tax season is upon us, which means we're looking at a strong month for hardware sales. This is also a big month for remakes and re-releases, with Shadow of the Colossus and Secret of Mana releasing for the PS4, and Bayonetta 1 & 2 coming out for the Switch.

Hourly Rankings

Monthly Rankings

Yearly Rankings

Note: Monthly & weekly rankings are usually updated daily on Amazon, typically sometime in the early to mid afternoon. Also, NPD's months, which use a "4-4-5" calendar, are not perfectly matched to Amazon's months, which go by the standard calendar. Some items in these rankings may be marked with a typographical symbol:

* Indicates item available for pre-order for release in a later month. Does not count towards current month's NPD numbers.
† Indicates item currently being sold primarily or exclusively through third-party sellers due to limited stock. Most or all sales don't count towards NPD numbers.
‡ Indicates used/pre-owned hardware. Does not count towards NPD numbers.

Final U.S. Monthly Hardware Rankings

Nintendo Switch (neon): #18
Nintendo Switch (grey): #24
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #38
SNES Classic: #42
XBO S 500GB standalone: #59†
Xbox One X: #61
PS4 Pro: #64
XBO S 500GB Minecraft bundle: #91
PS4 Pro 1TB Battlefront II bundle: #96

Hardware Preorders Coming Into Effect This Month


U.S. Yearly Hardware Rankings

(Note: This entry will be updated at the start of each month, except during November & December where it will also be updated weekly until New Year's.)

Nintendo Switch (neon): #13
SNES Classic: #15
Nintendo Switch (grey): #17
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #34
XBO S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle: #52
PS4 Slim Battlefront II bundle: #53
PS4 Pro: #63
Xbox One X: #68
XBO S 500GB standalone: #80†

Final U.S. Weekly Rankings

(Note: Covers all weeks in the NPD sales period for the month. March, June, Sept., & Dec., are 5-week months for NPD purposes; all other months are 4 weeks.)

Week 6 (Feb. 5 - 11)


Week 7 (Feb. 12 - 18)


Week 8 (Feb. 19 - 25)


Week 9 (Feb. 26 - March 4)


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