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First of all, if any of you are wondering what I mean by visual equipment, it's basically just the process of making your characters equipment look different after equipping new stuff like armour and weapons... easily implied by the name, right? So if you equip new clothes or a weapon, your hero looks different. 

Visual equipment is more common in WRPGs, a few well known examples being Skyrim, Fallout and The Witcher 3, whereas in JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy games, visual equipment isn't quite as common, only really becoming a thing, in Final Fantasy at least, with the MMOs and XV, although the series does feature weapons that change appearance.

The reason I ask this is because, as a few of you know, recently I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles, and it has full visual equipment, any new armour you find changes the appearance of your characters and such... and honestly with some of the crazy armour designs, my characters look really dumb, especially when there's a serious cutscene happening and one of my guys is stood in nothing but a pair of boxers, there's a woman with glasses and a bikini, and a ginger guy with a huge metal helmet, gloves and armour... and sandals. 

Of course, they're most likely wearing those items because it gives them great stats, but it can really kill a cutscene because they look SO out of place.

This is one reason I'm not a huge fan of visual equipment, moreso on the armour, weapons can look different since they're not really shown as much in cutscenes in games unless there's a fight or something happening, but I do like my characters to wear their vanilla (Starter) gear so they don't look odd or out of place. There are games (Mostly western it seems, some Japanese games can have really odd gear selections) where all the armours and stuff fit a very similar style and work well together so your characters actually look like they belong in the world and in the moment.

On the other hand, I do enjoy games that have visual equipment because it's nice to have some customisation in games. Personally I usually just go for one armour set that looks nice and never swap it through the game unless I find something that looks similar with better stats... and I need the full set too, I can't mix and match, my OCD won't allow it! And I'm completely fine with weapons appearing different, it only makes sense... it was a bit dumb when I played Star Ocean 5 last year and realised weapons don't look any different in battles despite having cool art on the equipment screen, lol.

I think what I like best, and what I personally think works best is only having weapons look different, since these character artists have worked on these designs, they should be shown off and not hidden under a variety of different armours that make you look like you've fallen out of a flamboyant knight's wardrobe... although right now I'm probably only thinking like this because of how many times it's slightly annoyed me during cutscenes in the game I'm playing lol. Also I wasn't a fan of wearing different costumes in Super Mario Odyssey, which isn't an RPG but just thought I'd put that out there, as cool as Mario in trunks is, I always stuck with the original outfit unless I needed to buy a new one to get power moons, then I'd swap back.

What about you guys? Do you think I'm being crazy and being able to change all aspects of your clothing etc. in games is amazing, or do you think it makes sense to keep a character's design intact throughout the game to avoid silly situations etc... or maybe you just don't care either way?