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So hey,

I have a topic regarding SotC. Pretty much the title but I want to give more information.

I was never owner of a Playstation. I have played a few games when I visited friends but mostly grew up with Nintendo.

So there were quite a lot of games I never layed hands on and SotC is one of them.

But it gets so much hype. I have seen many people here, on reddit and on my twitter praising the game to the heavens and celebrating another remaster of it.

So... why?

What I have seen of this game so far was a lot of empty landscapes that you traverse with a horse to kill a few bosses.

Is that the whole game or is there something i am missing? Or something i dont understand?

I am curious to know what you guys love so much about this game when it seems pretty shallow to me.‏

Last edited by Marth - on 30 January 2019