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Darwinianevolution said:
I really don't like the idea of a Mario movie. The medium is not suited to represent a franchise that is all gameplay and almost no story. They would have been better making a WindWaker movie. Cell shaded animation is fine, they can make cute mascots and characters, the plot is simple to follow...

A Zelda movie would be even harder to pull off with Illumination. Their movies are about unbound silliness, whereas Zelda is about fighting horrific monsters to save the world.

It'd be like if Disney were to make a Stephen King movie.

Green098 said:

The part were said to get the people who made the emoji movie to make it i.e. Sony (don't think Nintendo would have them make a Mario movie) made me cringe a little. Also I don't get why they think this movie needs to be or should be aimed at adults in anyway?

Overall while I get were they're coming from I don't think they make much of a case to worry me in anyway. Also I do know IHE has a big bias against minions. I mean I get why he hates them, but they still became a worldwide sensation that many adore still to this day whether he likes it or not. Also something not aimed at kids not adults which I feel like he doesn't get.

But there have been many children's movies that appeal to adults as well. Disney has been able to do so for years, by mixing lighthearted adventures, great heroes and truly deplorable villains.