XB1 vs PS4
XB1: 864p 
PS4: 1080p 
There is a temporal reconstruction method in use that makes motion blurry on both, but combined with Xbox One's lower resolution it looks especially blurry. Both regularly drop below 30 fps (as low as 24 fps) through framerates are a bit worse on XB1 overall.

XB1 X  vs PS4 Pro Resolution mode
X: 1728p native
Pro: 1800p checkerboard
Capcom implementation of checkerboard is poor, leading to noticeable artifacts on some edges. Pro has better foliage LoD. Both are mostly over 30 fps, X is a bit higher on framerate. 

XB1 X vs PS4 Pro Performance mode
X: 1080p 
Pro: 1080p
Pro also has better foliage LoD on performance mode. X has better framerates though and can even get close to 60 fps in some areas of the game.

XB1 X vs PS4 Pro Graphics mode
X: 1080p
Pro: 1080p
X and Pro basically have the same graphics settings here (only XB1 X mode with the same foliage LoD as Pro), but X framerate is significantly higher than Pro, only slightly lower than X's framerate in Performance mode