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Recently, we could read in Gameractor that the new Nintendo machine named Nintendo Switch had surpassed in less than a year the long and tortuous sales journey of Xbox One in our country. The basis for the claim was held in speculation with the volume of units sold by the Japanese. This figure reached 300,000 units sold and it was assured that it was more than Xbox One in our country.

However, today thanks to the medium Kippel01 we know that this data is somewhat far away. And is that Fernanda Delgado, Director of Xbox Spain has talked with the newspaper about these figures.Microsoft does not tend to provide this data, but as the editorial says , in 2016 the company would have placed 428,000 units and this year coinciding with Black Friday would have easily surpassed the barrier of half a million machines. It should be noted that the sales figures data have not been confirmed by Xbox Spain, with whom we have been able to chat after knowing about this interview, only the percentages of business improvement amounting to 26% over the value acquired in 2016. Kippel01 is an editorial that has access to a lot of financial information so it is possible that they know the data in some way.

Sales have been boosted by Black Friday, the Christmas campaign and also by the launch of the new console, Xbox One X. The balance of Xbox last year has been excellent.

Delgado, said that the company grew 16% in 2017 and has recognized that Spain is a territory in which PlayStation has much more support to the detriment of a smaller user base of Xbox than other countries where the brand operates. These statements marry perfectly with what Oscar Díaz told us in the past Podcast about the sales and support of the console.

The Xbox director in our country has also had time to talk about Xbox Game Pass that she thinks can help a lot in our territory.

It will depend a lot on the taste of the consumer.


 read rest at link above.. In Spain there are many people who only play five titles, so this service gives the option to open a little more spectrum and try othe

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