Angelus said:
hollabackenny said:
It’d be kinda cool to see how we do collectively month vs month. Like how much gs, ta and platinums earned vs previous months and keep records of best months.

That's literally what I've been doing already......maybe you noticed? There's an update every month showing what everybody earned. I can't exactly keep adding every month to the OP/front page.

Barozi already suggested doing some tables for everbody's cumulative GS and TA over the course of the year, so that's something I'll be doing. Could I add a table showing everyone's best monthly score? Ya, maybe. I don't wanna clutter the front page too much, but I'll see what it looks like.

Sorry, I think I worded it wrong maybe. I meant more like “this month we collectively earned a total of 50,000 gs and 110,000”