Xen said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Never played either. Probably would if they re-released on PS4, but that said a remake with modern graphics would be much more appealing. Sprite based games look a bit dated now. If FF6 were to get a remake just like the one FF4 got then I'd be all over that!

While the FF IV remake is great, IMO FF IV/CT aged beautifully: give it a shot, on a smaller screen with an emulator with filters for example.

...but I would welcome remakes with trophies

I do intent to. I've already bought the Steam re-release of FF6 at least, just need to get round to playing it. But yeah, a version with trophies would definitely be enticing! We've already got FF7 and 9 on PS4 with trophies... why not some more?

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