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yvanjean said:
CGI-Quality said:

You still didn’t answer my question. Who shows Xbox’s numbers? Of course Amazon positions are guesses. That wasn’t up for debate. That’s what you and I are doing. Guessing. For Xbox One, that’s all you can do.

As for the bundles, they won’t be up 1.5m this year, regardless of those.

VGchartz and NPD hence why we're here .... ya it''s way too early to know what's going on. I'm waiting on January data... if XB1 is up year over year it's a good sign of what will happen. If the numbers are flat or lower Year to year it's extremely bad for XB1, I don't see how the numbers could be down. 

You are the one that mention Amazon .... people keep comparing Amazon but it's such a bad matrix to compare Ps4 to Xbox one... because you have all the Xbox one bundles vs Sony that only has a four normally ... 

I'm not comparing Xbox to PS4. So I don't see why you continue to. 

I'm looking at Xbox, on its own, and comparing it to itself (2018 vs 2017). I don't see a way that it'll be up YoY. And the numbers could be down for several good reasons. No X launch this year, for starters.