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yvanjean said:
CGI-Quality said:

Who does show sales numbers for Xbox? All we have to go on is Amazon US positions. This isn't new.

As for PS4 - I've not made a single comparison to it. I'm talking about Xbox One 2018 vs 2017 (since that's what you were talking about). You expect a 1.5m uptick and I don't see it happening.

Amazon doesn't show sales numbers. How do you know if Amazon consoles sales are up in January compare to last year??? Amazon only show best seller. 

Microsoft also release a new bundle: Xbox One S 500GB Console - 3 Month Live and Game Pass Starter Bundle. That mean they have 8 console bundle vs PS4 4 console bundle. 

You still didn’t answer my question. Who shows Xbox’s numbers? Of course Amazon positions are guesses. That wasn’t up for debate. That’s what you and I are doing. Guessing. For Xbox One, that’s all you can do.

As for the bundles, they won’t be up 1.5m this year, regardless of those.