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yvanjean said:
CGI-Quality said:

4 million players on PUBG is significant, but what has it done for Xbox hardware? Unless we're going to start ignoring Amazon, I've not seen a sudden surge in Xbox consoles sold.

Why are you mentioning Amazon .... they don't show sales numbers. 

PS4 offer 4 version of their consoles compared to Xbox compared to 6+ version of the Xbox one consoles. 

Beside we're not talking about Xbox one outselling PS4 but outselling Prior year Xbox one Sales. 

Who does show sales numbers for Xbox? All we have to go on is Amazon US positions. This isn't new.

As for PS4 - I've not made a single comparison to it. I'm talking about Xbox One 2018 vs 2017 (since that's what you were talking about). You expect a 1.5m uptick and I don't see it happening.