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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Ubisoft announced one million sold only by end of 2010 for Red Steel. Can't count this as an example.

Resident Evil 4 was a huge hit and the other consoles (save the PS2) didn't have their version at that time yet. That's as if DOOM wouldn't come out on the PS4/XBO until 2019

With examples like this, it looks more like you are either cherrypicking or remembering some things slightly wrong. Btw the first third party game on the Wii to break over 1M sales was Guitar Hero 3, followed by Sonic And The Secret Rings and RE4. Had you picked the first two out of the three here, and I would have accepted that argument without any fuss.

About my "desired conclusion", frankly wtf? Eine schamlose, rüpelhafte Unterstellung nenn ich das.

Both Zeldas got very highly praised by gamers and press alike (basically same level, though TP suffered years later, but not at launch), and both consoles sold about the same until week 45 as far as we know right now. So what is the reason for you that BotW is selling so much better than TP? I thought it would be because less of the console buyers where previously non-gamers and thus a higher portion of the console holders would be interested in some more complex games like Zelda than it was with the Wii

Um, yes. I explicitly told you that I am cherry-picking to support a conclusion. It looks like cherry-picking because that was my goal.

As for Zelda, critical acclaim and gaming forum chatter don't mean anything in the big picture. The reason why Breath of the Wild is besting Twilight Princess is that BotW is trickling down to the common man, the people who don't care about reviews and gaming forum opinions. Even Skyward Sword had critical acclaim and gaming forum praise, but its sales lagged far behind TP. That's not because of who owned the console, but rather the failure of the game. SS is incredibly linear and puzzle-heavy whereas The Legend of Zelda actually built its strong reputation on freedom and combat. Similarly, Metroid: Other M was a commercial failure regardless of who owned the console because the game was an outright betrayal of what Metroid stands for.

You can actually go back to the beginning of this very thread here and see me say why Breath of the Wild will pummel Twilight Princess in sales. Breath of the Wild is a much, much better Zelda than Twilight Princess. The Wii brought back gamers who owned Nintendo consoles before. They bought Twilight Princess because it was called The Legend of Zelda, but word of mouth wasn't particularly kind because it didn't really match what those people expected from Zelda. Breath of the Wild is getting much better traction because those people who have returned to Nintendo again are very positive about it. Long term sales are heavily dependent on word of mouth and BotW beats TP comfortably in that category. You can go wherever you want and do what you want; you aren't funneled through episodes of catching light bugs.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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