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Super_Boom said:
I hate asking a question to someone, only for them to respond with "oh, you didn't know that?" It's like...yeah no shit, why would I ask you otherwise?

People with an 'after-laugh'...or basically making a loud annoying sigh after they laugh. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

People that yawn loudly in the middle of a conversation. You'd think this is something people stop doing after they enter middle school, but I still see adults in my professional life that do this.

Pointless ellipses at the end of a sentence ...

Forum users that focus on the character of the person they're arguing with, rather than the argument they're making. Whenever I see that happen, I just assume the the former has no argument to begin with, and is coping with their own inability to debate by being a rude dickhole.

People that reply without quoting you. Click the button it's not that hard!

i quoted you, I hope your happy.....


at thread


But paying with card is way faster than dirty money.

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