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John2290 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
The VR fanatics are quickly becoming the biggest turnoff of VR...

Would you not buy a console because the userbase are fanatics? Do you own a switch by chance? Your comments about VR are always very much from the point of a jaded old bear, stuck in his ways. Embrace.

It wouldn't make me not buy a console, no. It certainly doesn't make it attractive though. And no, I don't own a Switch. I have no plans to buy one in the foreseeable future either, but it's definitely not something I'd rule out, especially after Pokemon releases.

And at least my comments about VR aren't arrogantly stating things like "this is how games are meant to be played". No, those of us who aren't using VR aren't playing games wrong. Games are meant to be played in whatever way people want to play them. If you only ever want to play them in VR, fine have fun, that doesn't make it true for anyone else though.