JRPGfan said:
This makes me think that launching a new console in feb, so you can benefit from extra sales in the holidays (that arnt the fanboys/guaranteed sales) is better.

Im not sure theres a big benefit from launching in novemeber/december, like console makers have done in the past.
Theres a "core" user base, that ll always adapt early, and those guys/gals buy whenever it launches.
Then your sold out (usually) in the first year, just ruining your holiday boost.

Nintendos way of launching early in the year makes more sense to me, that way you dont risk wasteing your first holidays.

If you can launch earlier in the year, then yeah it's surely going to be beneficial. You get all the launch hype sales and holiday sales without losing out on one for the other. But having it ready to release earlier is an issue, and delaying it from a holiday launch seems kind of silly too. Why wait when you could be selling consoles straight away?

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