Personally fan of the new movement for this. I find "the girther" movement hilarious.

So his height and weight are exactly at the point where he is what.. 0.1 away from being obese?

With that in mind go look up various pictures. Like the ones of him standing next to Obama (6'1) or famous athletes (Colin Kaepernick).

Lets see, he lied about his first doctors note. The white house spelled the doctors name wrong (and the abbreviation) in the second. And hey look lying about his weight and height in the third one. - Not shocked.

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)