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Hiku said:
Bristow9091 said:

Yeah that's what I mean lol, if I already own the game, but not the season pass, what would the $19.99 Royal Pack get me? I can't see it including the season pass too for that price, lol.

The price of the original Season Pass will probably either be adjusted down, or replaced by the Royal Pack once this version hits the store.

Like how this game retails for $50, even though it contains the full game + the season pass and more, it seems reasonable that there will be a digital upgrade around the same price as the original Season Pass, that offers more.
And by keeping it at $20 they can even entice some people who already bought the original Season Pass.

Yeah that'd be really nice, not sure how Square Enix are with these things, I mean, if it were EA or Activision you can bet that'd never happen, lol.