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Zkuq said:
TalonMan said:

MANY of the tools need to be upgraded and/or enhanced - there's only so much one person can do, at one time though...   ...either that, or we'd still be waiting for the database to come online - and it might be another year, before we'd actually ever see it by the time I get every minor detail worked out.  :(

I'd say - this is the kind of thing to suggest in the 'database suggestion' thread...

I know, I know...  I sort of don't want to bug you because I know you've got so much work already, but at the same time, adding it as a side note to a post I was going to make anyway was just so easy. I'll post it to the suggestions thread though!

Well - you know the deal, though. If you make it a 'side comment' just to stay out of the way, it's quite likely to get lost and never looked at...  :(

...posting in that other thread though (regardless of how small you think the fixsuggestion might be), it's at least GUARANTEED to get looked at and considered for implementation and, most importantly, make it onto our fix spreadsheet. If an item doesn't get on to that sheet, it's unlikely to ever get worked on.

And this is exactly the kind of thing that, even though it's small, definitely ought to be cleaned up!!