TalonMan said:
mZuzek said:

My point is just that submitting outside scores isn't a very interesting thing to do, so we could just borrow information from other sites if we're gonna have that there (the way GameRankings shows this information is very similar, in fact) because that'd be a much easier way of having it look nice and stuff. I might be wrong but personally the stuff I'd be way more interested in doing is adding in my own reviews, or help out with screenshots and summaries if a game lacks those or whatever, I really don't see how adding outside reviews is something people are going to bother doing too much and I fear it might stagnate in the future.

That's what's called "flexibility".

 - You might enjoy adding user reviews and such, so go for it!! There's a spot there for you to do it, and I'd love to have TONS of user reviews throughout the game pages...   
 - Others don't want to spend the time (or they don't have the creative writing skills) to write their own review, and they'd rather simply contribute to the database by submitting the outside review scores - they get the acknowledgment (and VG$) for doing so, and they're just as happy having provided that slice of information as you are for having written your own review.

So you know, there are currently over 30k "critic review" entries in the database - obviously, that's not from just the past week that it's been up and running, but my point is that obviously there is interest from some users, in doing this. And there's no reason we need to rely on a 3rd party site for the information, when we have users here that are willing and able to do the research and flesh out our database. :)

Well, those are fair points. I'm not sure I agree but I understand where you're coming from and I can accept this.