TalonMan said:
We're getting there, guys - everybody hang tight. Getting the database up and running was just the beginning. It was a HUGE undertaking, just getting it this far - and once we get it all buttoned up and the rest of these issues sorted our, we'll be making A LOT more improvements, I assure you... :)

Nice to know. I was bothered with the new layout too (just didn't have the balls to say it), so it's relieving to know that specific thing is still being worked on. Like really, I don't just have a problem with how sales are displayed (in a weird corner and with a lot less detail than before), I actually have a problem with how the whole page looks, it's just confusing really. Seems like there's too much information all over the place, which is bad because this is a sales website first and foremost, so sales should be at the center of everything - if we can have other information as well, that's great, but it should be less prominent.