JEMC said:
axumblade said:

Not quite sure about what to do yet. This all started out a bit barebones and I feel like I've finally gotten most of the features the way I want them. As for next month, I am thinking of just changing the font color for titles that will be releasing the following month just so users can have an easy way to see what titles are leaving. I think I'm done tweaking the color for the initial charts though so I can move on to working on other things. I contemplated adding in release dates for titles but I think the only title in the top 10 that has a release date officially is Ni No Kuni II. So I opted for looking into other things I can do. xD 

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. :) 

Changing the font colour (making them black again for example) could work as they would stand out above the rest. Maybe even putting them in italics?

I understand not putting the release dates because it would be a mess and half the list would have "TBA" in that place. And from the other half, most of them would get delays that would complicate it even more.

As for suggestions, mine would go for the single and combined lists, and it would imply making a third post. Because let's face it, the first post has too much info, so it would be interesting to split it in two posts. About how to split it, I can think of two ways:

1) Keep the individual list and the table with the total votes & points for each platform in the first post, and move the combined and franchise tables to the second one to let them shine. Or

2) Keep the current top 25 individual titles and the combined & franchise tables in the first post, and move the complete individual list plus the total points and votes table to the second one.

One thing is for sure, you'll need to add some colour to the combined table, to differentiate the exclusives from the multiplatform titles.

That's not a bad idea. So I should go for having 3 posts total. I think I like the first one more and I will find a way to add a bit of color between exclusives and multiplats. I could do one of two things in that case. I could just do a general color for the multiplatform titles Or I could just make a note underneath the title with the platforms in color coded boxes?