JEMC said:
axumblade said:

This is why I include the 2nd list in my OP to be honest. I think the majority of readers prefer the individual breakdown but I want to show the overall rankings when you combine platforms too. I do think that the overall rankings need to be spruced up so that it's not so barebones. That's one of my goals to work on with this year's most wanted. 

Interesting. Do you know how you'll do it?

Not quite sure about what to do yet. This all started out a bit barebones and I feel like I've finally gotten most of the features the way I want them. As for next month, I am thinking of just changing the font color for titles that will be releasing the following month just so users can have an easy way to see what titles are leaving. I think I'm done tweaking the color for the initial charts though so I can move on to working on other things. I contemplated adding in release dates for titles but I think the only title in the top 10 that has a release date officially is Ni No Kuni II. So I opted for looking into other things I can do. xD 

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. :)