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wombat123 said:

My opinion is that Nintendo would have someone like Tanabe oversee game development and then immediately get them started on familiar/safe projects like Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie to give Nintendo an idea of what they have to work with and to get everyone at Rare acclimated to the regime change.  After that, I suspect Nintendo would keep on assigning projects to Rare until they've earned the right to have more creative autonomy.

That sounds good. :)

Ka-pi96 said:
Why would Nintendo want to buy a such a bad dev? All Rare have got going for them is their name... and even that is heavily tarnished now!

That's mostly because of Microsoft mishandling Rare IPs like Conker and Banjo, but thankfully Killer Instinct escaped the curse.

Last edited by CaptainExplosion - on 30 December 2017