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The new database is now LIVE!!!! I wanted to pass along a few important notices to everyone:


This was no minor update and includes dozens upon dozens of changes to images, .css, and javascript files - none of which will work correctly if you do not clear your browser cache, to ensure you get the latest files. I'm including steps for doing this in Chrome and FireFox - if you use a different browser and are unsure how to do this, please feel free to ask!!!


 - Go to Settings
 - Scroll down to Advanced and click
 - Scroll down in the advanced menu to Clear Browsing Data and click
 - Make sure Cached Images and Files is checked and click Clear Data


 - Go to Preferences
 - Click Privacy & Security
 - Scroll down to Cached Web Content
 - Click Clear Now

If you have problems doing this or are using a different browser and are unsure how to accomplish this, please do not hesitate to let me know in this thread and I will help as much as I can.

Again - it is extremely important that you do this, otherwise you are bound to run into trouble with the new database...


Please review the EXCELLENT "How To" guide that VersusEvil and VGPolyglot wrote up! It give a fantastic overview (with screenshots) as to how to get the most out of your database experience, and precisely how to begin contributing updates:


This is by NO MEANS considered "complete". I have a fairly large number of "post live" fixes I plan to implement, and I am ALWAYS open to suggestions for improvement and am listening for any bug reports! If something's not working as expected or if you think something could work better if done another way, feel free to pass along...



GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing this new database come back to life...

Last edited by TalonMan - on 30 December 2017