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Guessed by Slarvax

A legendary adventure that will live on as a gaming classic forever, and will probably be near the top of many lists here and definitely at the top of the overall one. I've already gone on record saying Breath of the Wild is my favorite game, so I can't help but feel guilty about robbing it of that #1 spot - there were reasons, and there was definitely a lot of personal conflict, but this was the final decision this time.

My first experience with this game was completely unforgettable. I have a close childhood friend who moved to another town a few years ago, meaning we don't see each other often anymore, and he always liked Zelda quite a lot, but he doesn't own a Wii U nor a Switch. So of course, since this was such a large and open game I thought it'd be a lot of fun to play it with someone else to share experiences with, and as such I just decided to flip the "no life" switch and went to his town for a week so we could play it all together. There are loads of memorable moments I have from that week, both in-game and out of it (the game was obviously still the main thought when we weren't playing). Trying to figure out the Old Man's recipe on the plateau, trying to get past all the Guardians on the way to Hyrule Castle, getting to our first divine beast (Naboris) and being amazed at the scope and epicness of everything that was going on... this game was just such a beautiful and awesome journey I'll never forget.

It is a shame it didn't make #1, the main reason for it being the underwhelming final boss and ending (something all other games in my top 5 excel at) - as well as just the fact that it's so new, and so hard to place among my previously so well established 4 favorite games. I feel like in future years it might have every shot at getting to that #1 spot, or maybe it won't age too well and take a bit of a drop, but in the end the exact place it takes on the list isn't what matters - it's the great times and memories it brought.

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