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"Layton" series made TV animation in the spring of 2018. Series composition: Akihiro Hino / Director: Recommended good friends / production: Leiden film / starring: Hanazawa Kana
Adventure game "Layton" series with total worldwide cumulative shipment quantity level exceeding 17 million by level Five. It is decided that this work will be made into TV animation in the spring of 2018. The title is "Layton Mystery Detective Agency - Katry's Nazotoki File ~". The creative director / original plan / series composition is Mr. Akihiro Hino ("Yo-kai watch" "Snack world" etc.), Director Mr. Masakazu Momaki ("High queue !!" series), animation production is Leiden film ("Arslan Senki" series etc.) Kaoru Hanazawa is appointed as the role of Katrielle Layton of the hero. 

This film is accepted into a wide range of families, the action of one story complete type, there is a gag, there is a national Nazotoki adventure animation with impression. According to TV broadcasting, as a cross-media project with level Five, Shogakkan, Takara Tomy etc developing tags with "Chao" (Shogakukan published) from the spring of 2018, releasing toys from Takara Tomy, etc. .

■ Character setting 
◇ Katrielle Aile Layton (CV. Hanazawa Kana)
A girl who likes Nazotake and a mysterious event. Despite being a bright and lively personality, Professor Layton, who is a father, received courteous lady education, and his efforts to be elegant are in tune. In the case of Nazotoki, at first glance, the reasoning which seems to be a brute force is made to fight one after another. There are not eyes on fashionable sweets. 

【Comment by Hanazawa Kana】
It is an honor to be involved in making TV anime for the first time in "Layton" series. I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of azabu to meet with Katry, I am very much looking forward to it !! I would like to play a positive, positive and pretty katrina well, so thank you !!!!!! 

◇ Charlotte (CV? ??) A
dog that speaks with Katley 's assistant. Other people can hear only as a dog's bark, but it is possible to talk with Katrina normally. Serious incidents also make you laughable with an interesting trade between Charlot and Katley. It is said that he got a name from his famous detective.

Work information
Broadcast information 
scheduled to start broadcasting in the spring of 2018 

■ Story 
"Everything is clarified and it is the motto of our Layton Detective Company" 
Professor Layton "Katley Aile · Layton" is a drama "Charlot" and the assistant's " Noah "together with" Layton Detective Company ", and resolves the mysterious incident occurring in London on a daily basis. Originally it was a job that I started with the purpose of searching for my father who disappeared suddenly "El Chal Leighton", but Nazotake caused by a fantastic idea gradually became a topic, various requests will come in. 

■ Staff 
Creative Director / Original Proposal / Series composition: Akihiro Hino 
Original: Level 5 
Director: Masaki Recommended 
Character Design Drafts: Takuzo Nagano 
Character Design: Takada Satoko 
Animation Production: Leiden Film 

■ Cast 
Katrielle Aile Layton: Hanazawa Kana 

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