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twintail said:

Wow since psp hey? Cool


Actually thats just one of them as an example.


The first game in the series is "Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes" which came out in 1989 - it was on SNES, PS1, Megadrive and some other platforms around that time.


The garghav series originated in 1994 on PC and PS1 but came to PSP in the 2000s as remakes.


Trails in the Sky came out on PSP late 2000s and eventually made its way to Vita and PC.


Trails of Cold Steel is the current one thats making headlines originally came out on PS3 and PSV but also came to PC as of recent.


The only sub series of the Legend of Heroes that still hasnt come out in the west is CrossBell Arc which came out in the early 2010s for PS3/PSV/PC but only in Japan.


So ya the series is as old as Final Fantasy and Dragon quest minus a few years :p.


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