epicurean said:
It was terrible. I really don't understand how people like it (and I'm a HUGE fan of the entire series). How they handle Luke and Snoke is atrocious. Literally every female in the movie is perfect (and a good guy), and all the males have huge issues or are evil. The humor is over the top and the whole thing comes across as campy. I felt like I was watching a parody, to be honest.

I really don't think I've ever been this disappointed in a movie. I'm glad others like it, I guess - I'm not trying to hate on it to be edgy, or to rain on people's parades. I just know I've been waiting since I walked out of Episode 7 for the next installment, and after this one I couldn't care less when the next installment hits.


Have to say the @Bolded


I completely agree, that one vice admiral character, forgot her face - the one that argued with Poe - I could have sworn she was a spy for the First Order and was the one who was relaying their signal when going into hyperdrive but all of a sudden its because of a machine...ya... Also I hate how they treated Poe and I thought Leia was being possessed when she stunned him. Then when they made it to their base, nothing happened and that vice admiral chick died as a hero, like wtf lol.


But oh well, not gonna blow a gasket because how they envisioned the movie.


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