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Flilix said:
Ka-pi96 said:
$150 in fruit? WTF? Either you bought a truckload of fruit or it must be stupidly expensive where you are!

Some fruit is a lot more expensive than others. Apples are €2-3/kilo, while blackberries are over €20/kilo.

So he probably bought 7 kilos of blackberries.

Wow. So foreign. Is the E shape a Euro and 7 kilos well I cannot get to google to find out without my page erasing so... Double 7 pounds?


Apples can be expensive anywhere if it is the wrong store. Also Jack fruit and dates are expensive as well but taste so good. 

Also where I am from originally,  in Washington State,  apples are incredibly cheap,  so it just depends on where you are at. 

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