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Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is an issue on Vgchartz end or mine, but I've tried to recreate this on other sites, and it only occurs on Vgchartz from what I can tell.

What happens is that whenever I click a link on Vgchartz, which includes the "Submit" button at the end of a post I've typed up, there appears to be a random chance that I'll get redirected to a different site. I don't mean a pop-up in a different window or tab. I mean it makes me lose everything I've typed up in the same tab where I clicked the link, and takes me to places like this:

This seems to be a Russian search engine? This happened when I clicked Reply in the Vgchz topic regarding "DQ XI switch reveal on december 19th?".
Other times it takes me to sites like, or this:

Russia again? lol I don't live in Russia though...

Also, it's one thing to be redirected to (possibly) harmless adds. But another to be redirected to malicious phishing sites like this:

This happens even if I turn Add-blocker on. It does NOT happen if I activate No-script.
I'm just wondering, is this functioning as intended? Because if so, I don't think this is the most productive way to make revenue.

Last edited by Hiku - on 16 December 2017