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vivster said:
Never what you would call poor. I never even had debt in my life. Coming from a middleclass single mom and not being a complete moron apparently works

Well I feel you have to be pretty imaginative to be a poor. Rich people have no problems to solve. Need food? Just go down to the local butcher and buy some gold encrusted Filet Mignon. Need a new car? Just go down to the local Mob boss and buy one of his boosted Lamborghinis for discount. 


Poor people,  gotta google a food bank,  find a way to get there,  beg for whatever food they have,  then find a way back to your house if your lucky to have one. Once at place where you dodge the weather you then need to google how to make the "food" substance edible. Then it lol starts over again when you must find a way to get medical care for when that substance makes you sick. 

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