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Not including when you were a wee lad.


For me, I have multiple moments that I can recollect. 


My Saabs front tire was on its second tread,  bald and I had put in multiple cans of fix a flat that was not working so I used my spare for about a month. Was a miracle it lasted that long. 


Another time I was broke and had multiple bills due. So I took that Saab to get a title loan. About a week before that happened the roof broke and would not go back down so it rained in my car multiple times. I dried it out and drove up to the title place like a rich person with the top down. They gave me a 2300 , approx,  loan for such as great looking car. A few weeks later before my first payment was due I turned over my title to them and waked home. Kept the loan with no penalty on myself. 


Another time I ran out of gas so I searched parking lots for change until I had enough to barely make it home,  then I took my wedding ring from a previous marriage to a We buy Gold store for some money. They used to be popular. 


Nothing crazy like I am sure some humans go through,  but I was interested to see others past issues. 

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