StreaK said:
mZuzek said:

Oh wow, congratulations on having an opinion. It's genuinely impressive just how little you care, I've never seen someone care about something so little that they even come to a thread about it to talk about how much they don't care.

Edit: also word of advice, don't be too excited about Avatar sequels. They have loads of sucking potential.

I know I know, I just had to point it out because Star Wars is in my face everywhere and I just don't know how to care. I can't avoid it. Everyone loves it to death and I look at it like "what's the big deal?" In a way, I guess I kinda envy them and their excitement. I just can't wait until mine.

Yeah, of course they COULD suck...but I'd say there's more chance of them being amazing seeing as how Cameron doesn't know how to make a BAD sequel. Aliens and Terminator 2 come to mind (but that's another topic.)

Anyway, it's going to just blow my mind if this movie like the previous one breaks 200 million opening weekend....these people are nuts!!! O_O

Eh. I haven't watched Terminator 2 but I found Aliens to be highly overrated - I mean, it's a great movie alright, but nowhere near the level of the first one, which to be fair was a masterpiece. I just found Aliens to be too generic, it felt too much like your average Hollywood movie, and I think the same of Titanic and Avatar. All movies I liked, but all of which I think are just too cookie-cutter (Aliens definitely the best out of them though, and Avatar definitely the worst).

If it helps your envy though, I don't really love Star Wars either. I just like it, there's a few movies I really love, but for the most part I'm not a huge fan and I think most people feel the same.