DAXFM said:
Bandorr said:

Fire Emblem warrior is also on the 3ds.  Like how Zelda BOTW is on the wii U.

The argument that "adding new content" like with Pokken and Mario kart is interesting, but one I'd dismiss.

Good Argument but also it is a  Nintendo Console. the question is: do You considering, Halo TMCC, Persona 5, Street Fighter 5, Uncharted NDC,  GOW, TLOU, NIOH, NIER, Shadow of the colossus, Crash like exclusive Games?

Not really. I would consider multiple of them "console exclusive". IE one console, and PC.

But you are also arguing "Switch exclusive" not "Nintendo exclusive".

It is a good list of Nintendo exclusives though. If you ignore Bayonetta 1 that just happens to come with 1+2.

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