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SvennoJ said:
Machina said:

We've just had a discussion about this on staff, because stuff like that is frankly ridiculous and the ads are a frequent complaint. We don't want people to be forced into using an ad blocker simply because of how bad the ads are, when they would otherwise be happy to keep their ad blocker turned off in order to help support the site if they knew they'd only be shown reasonable ones (in terms of size, placement, etc.).

Talon's going to look into fixing the over-the-top ad stuff like that as soon as he gets some free time. He won't touch the content but the size and placement can be adjusted. The current plan is that Beta Testers and other staff will help find the problem ads/worst examples and he'll sort them out as the highest priority site fix once the new database is live and running smoothly. 

Thanks! I'll keep clicking the close ad button for now. There's a huge empty space on the right for ads :) I don't mind them as long as they don't cover 80% of the information on the screen.

New feature: Ads with 90% screen coverage! Hey, you only said you didn't want them covering 80%