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Miyamotoo said:
NoCtiS_NoX said:

It's actually on topic since we are talking about sales that's why I don't understand why we wants to continue via PM but I will not defend Kerotan. He will need to stop.

We had plenty replace, with wall of text, and there was no need to move our debut in new thread, and I didn't want to continue to that in new thread and I think that PMs is more compatible for something like that. But that doesnt have anuthing with Kerotan in any case, and he can't beehive like that in any circumstances, its not normal.

NoCtiS_NoX said:
zorg1000 said:

Sure but no need to transfer last weeks argument to this week, last weeks thread was a mess with all the stupid fighting (im guilty as well) we dont need that again.

No his argument is Switch is affecting sales starting from November. We are on topic and we are discussing sales. That's healthy unless you think I am trolling? 
We are on a sales discussion about Japan and it's trends from the data we have. 
Although he already failed to stay on topic because he include worldwide trends.


In case you missed my warning above, just drop it, nothing good will come from this current conversation, take it to PM as intended.