If you enjoyed Umineko, you will love Higurashi as they are made by the same creators. Also try the Answer arcs for Umineko if you havent tried it. There's also a fighter coming out next month (not VN but still :p).


Other VNs I recommend (most of them short)

-CUPID A Free To Play Visual Novel - by far the best one I've played, its free, very dark and decently long for a F2P VN. Multiple endings and routes. Good quality artwork and music. No voice acting.
-Sound of Drop - Fall Into Poison (decent story, decent art work, multiple routes and endings)


-Sword of Asumi (Very dark, artwork is somewhat inconsistent, multiple routes and endings)
-Shan Gui (Chinese VN, voice acting, nice and unique story)
-Rising Angels Reborn (Free to play, Multiple endings and routes, no voice overs, decent story)
-Narcissu 1st & 2nd (F2P, short, decent story however.....)
-Narcissu Anniversary (Not F2P, but its worth it cause it has more content, better art, and has voice overs)
-Clannad (This is a pretty long, well told story, highly recommend but its expensive)

If you like Harem/catgirl based anime (1 route endings)

-Sakura series (2-3 hour long VNs - about 8+ VNs - somewhat decent animation and half of the VNs have voice acting)
-Nekopara (2-3 hour long VNs, about 3 full length ones and 1 short one - good animation quality and Japanese voice acting)
-KARAKARA (2-3 hour long VN, there's 2nd game that came out not too long ago - fantasy related)


I'm still new to the genre though, my first one was two years ago (Narcissu 1st & 2nd).

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