The Zero Escape franchise is one of the greatest in the VSN genre, especially Virtue's Last Reward. But you played Zero Time Dilemma which kinda undermines a lot of the plot twist there ...


On another note, recently an excellent Visual Novel just got out on Steam, 2 weeks ago, it was made by a young dev team from Taiwan. I was following the project since last year and yeah, even if it kinda is a "dating sim". It's still mostly the story of a guy living his first college year in Taipei with 3 feline deities. It has a big touch of oriental religion (spirits,deities,gods,etc ...) so it incorporates supernatural stuff as well. They even made an opening for the game :P And you know what ? 

It's free. The name's Nekojishi :) (Oh ! And the music is great btw :P)

Switch Friend Code : 3905-6122-2909